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A list of Austrian airport hotels in Iran.


Iran is a land of beauty. Its capital city, Tehran, is an intoxicating mix of centuries-old buildings and modern shopping centers. Its Mediterranean coastline is speckled with towns and villages, each with its own distinctive atmosphere. And in the rolling plains to the east and southeast, Iran is home to some of the world’s most lavish palaces and gardens. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or a exciting vacation, Iran has something for everyone. Here are eight great destinations to visit in Iran: 1. Persepolis – The grandest and most impressive archaeological site in Iran, Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (520-330 BC). Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the country’s top tourist attractions. 2. Kashan – In Kashan, an old town near Isfahan, you can wander through narrow streets lined with caddies filled with aromatic spices and souvenir shops selling Chaghatay carpets and other handicrafts. Kashan was once one of the wealthiest cities in Iran, famous for its exquisite tile-work (carved from a colorful local terra cotta)


Irans unangefarbtes Meer bietet vielfältige Möglichkeiten zum Ausspannen und Erholen. Die schönsten Strände liegen in den Küstengebieten, wo das sanfte Wellengleisen am Ufer trockenen Sandstrand hat. Außerdem gibt es ein breites Spektrum an Wassersportmöglichkeiten, in den Bergen gibt es Wander- und Ausritte sowie Sehenswürdigkeiten wie die Ruinenstadt Persepolis. In den Metropolen ist die Auswahl an Freudenhäusern groß, die alle verschiedene Wünsche befriedigen. Die Städte Naher Osten sind besonders für ihre herrliche atemberaubende Aussicht geeignet und bieten verschiedene Shoppingmöglichkeiten und Lokale.

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Weiterhin sollten Sie unbedingt auf mehre iran ist ein Land der Meere und Vulkankegel. Die Temperaturen in den meisten Regionen variieren zwischen 18 und 38 Grad Celsius. Die Landschaft ist von Wüsten, Berglandschaften und Dschungel geprägt. Es gibt viele schöne Strände, denen man Rad oder Wanderer fahren kann. Und es ist auch eine gute Gelegenheit, Sokakte zu besuchen.


Iran is a perfect destination for your next holiday! With its fascinating history, impressive landscape and enchanting cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Iran. From luxurious resorts and buzzing cities to charming villages and stunning beaches – the options are practically limitless when it comes to where to go and what to do in Iran. Here are five of our favourite Iranian holiday spots: 1) Shiraz: One of Iran’s most famously beautiful cities, Shiraz is known for its colourful bazaars, lush gardens and centuries-old architecture. It’s also home to some of Iran’s most beautiful Islamic monuments – make sure to check out the famed Imperial Council building and Golestan Palace. 2) Taftan: Taftan is a magical place located on Musandam Peninsula in the Strait of Hormuz. The historic fishing village features stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Wake up each morning to the sounds of waves crashing against the cliffs and take a walk along the serenely lapping coastline. 3) Kashan: Kashan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site considered one of Iran’s most magical places – be blown away by its magnificent mosques, intricately decorated palaces and