Ferienort Venetien

One of the most popular time-travelling destinations

Viaje a Venecia, Italia

La sencillez y el encanto de Venecia son las principales razones por las que millones de personas cada año visitan la ciudad Donovan |– Alojamiento en Venecia | |–Alquiler de casas en Venecia | |–Realizar Viajes a Venecia | |–Turismo de Venecia | |–Venecia – Historia y 55 Catedrales | |–Venecia – Mujer, cultura y gastronomía | |–Viaje al norte de Italia: Como llegar a Brescia Italian travel blog Ferienort Venice takes you on an insider’s tour of this beautiful city. From its origins as the lagoon port of Venice, it has become one of the world’s most captivating and popular destinations. Explore Venice’s illustrious architecture, taste the various flavors of its celebrated cuisine and marvel at some of the city’s most stunning sights.


Seamus Kelpie, Restaurant Manager of la Cucina delFrate, recommends his favourite Venetian restaurants for a Ferienort stay. Giuseppe’s Trattoria is a family-owned trattoria in Castello and offers an extensive menu that includes a variety of seafood items. La Cucina del Frate is another popular restaurant in the Castello district, serving traditional Venetian cuisine such as tagliatelle with clam sauce and osso buco Milanese. For something more modern, try Cammarcio, which has a contemporary feel and serves contemporary Italian cuisine such as risotto with lobster. Si queréis descubrir las mejores y más emblemáticas opciones de comida en Venecia, no os quedéis sin probar una de sus joyas gastronómicas. Una buena manera de abrir el gusto por la gastronomía veneciana es viajar y degustar los excelentes platos preparados en localidades como Belluno, Treviso o Murano. Aquí encontraréis una guía con 10 restaurantes tradicionales que debéis visitar en Venecia durante las vacaciones. Además, os ofrecemos algunos consejos sobre cómo elegir el mejor sitio para degustar un plato de auto de Belluno a fines de agosto o septiembre. Así mismo podréis consultarnos sobre nuestra experiencia reciente en alguno de los restaurantes citados, así que sabréis si merece la pena intentarlo o no.

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Tips for the City

1. Consider what type of city you’d like to visit and research the different neighborhoods. Venice, for example, is full of canals and narrow streets, so it would be a good idea to take some guided tours before your visit. 2. Get to know the historical landmarks in the city – not only will doing this help you appreciate the beauty of Venice more, but also it might give you some ideas for things to do while you’re there. 3. If you want to explore off-the-beaten-path territory, head to the nearby villages or go for a hike in one of the surrounding hills. 4. Make sure to budget enough time for shopping – everything from handmade items to antique stores can be found in Venice. And don’t forget about gelato – it’s a must when visiting Venice!

how does it work?

You buy a ticket on the vaporetto. The price of the ticket includes a zone1 (red) or zone2 (yellow) ticket which is valid on both Venice’s public water buses and on all privately operated water buses issuing from certain designated stops around the city center. You then show your zone1 or zone2 ticket at the gate to board the bus. If you have a single journey ticket, it will be valid for the duration of the journey on any water bus – including vaporetti. There are a few things to note about how vaporetti work: -First, it is important to remember that vaporetti are not like buses in other cities. In Venice, you must use them to get between different parts of the city – they are not suitable for travelling long distances out of the city. -Secondly, note that there is no need to reserve a seat on a vaporetto; simply buy your ticket and board when available. However, if you choose to sit down, make sure to sit toward the back so as not to block other passengers’ view of the river! -Finally, keep in mind that unlike buses in other cities, there are no toilets

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Free Tours

Free tours of Venice can be had from a variety of companies. Many Venetian gondolas offer free tours, as do many local hotels and pensions. Many travel agencies offer similar services. *Many of the larger cruise ships dock at the Grand Canal Terminal just outside of Venice, offering free shuttle service to the city. Licensed guides are available onshore to give visitors a thorough exploration of the iconic lagoon city. Si quiere visitar Venecia y sus lugares mágicos durante su vacacion, no pierda este curso de entradas gratuitas. Durante el fin de semana 9 al 11 de octubre, esta agencia ofrecerá tres tours diferentes por todo el estilo del paisaje: el Imperial, la parte alta del puerto y las ruinas de Ca’ Rezzonico. Los horarios son así: 9 am – 12 pm, 1 pm – 4 pm Las personas que inscribanse podrán elegir el tour que deseen hacer, aunque todos ellos incluyen la visita al Palacio Ducal y al Museo Ducal. Al final del mismo, recibirán un certificado de participación con una foto exclusiva de la ciudad fantástica. Si quiere visitar Venecia y sus lugares mágicos durante su vacacion, no pierda este curso de

How to Purchase Tickets

Si quiere comprar su entrada a ferienort venetien, hay algunas maneras de hacerlo. Puede adquirirla por internet en la página oficial del resort o directamente en las taquillas. Si tiene más inquietudes sobre cómo llegar a el destino, puede consultar el recorrido para visitantes que se encuentra disponible en este blog. Purchasing tickets to Venice can be a bit of a hassle if you’re not familiar with the system. For tourists, purchasing tickets online is the best way to go. You can find the origins of this way of buying tickets in 1697 when Venetian merchants needed to avoid the high taxes imposed by Napoleon. But there are also other places where you can purchase tickets such as at airports and railway stations both in Italy and abroad. Here are some tips that will make your experience better:

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– Check the site daily for new deals and offers as they happen frequently. – Make a list of what attractions you want to see and which days you plan on visiting them. This will help you save on time by planning your visit around lunchtime orearlier evening hours when ticket prices are usually lower. – Join tours that include several destinations in order to get the best value for money. This way, you will be able to see more sites than if you were to purchase individual tickets. – Compare prices before diving into any purchases. Don’t be afraid to walk away from an online purchase if the price seems too high or if there is no confirmation of your purchase (such as a digital receipt). You would be